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JCFM matches each full packet of FMNP with $20 in market tokens!

WIC Farmers Market

To determine your eligibility, you may receive a free health screening through the WIC program. To learn more about the nutritional risks associated with receiving benefits, download our guide. FMNP vouchers can be used to purchase a variety of nutritious foods locally grown in your state or near your state borders. Some states have lists of foods that you can and cannot purchase with your farmers market coupons. Generally, the foods that make up these lists are fresh, unprepared fruits, vegetables and herbs.

Overview of the WIC FMNP Program

These could include carrots, beets, mushrooms, lettuce, peppers, potatoes and more. Additionally, there are foods that you will not be able to purchase with FMNP coupons, such as processed foods. You may also receive access to healthy recipes for you and your family to enjoy. The program typically opens once every year and issues coupons over the span of a couple of months. While they are generally administered on a first-come, first-served basis, states also take into account which recipients are at the most nutritional risk.

Depending on their situation, applicants may receive FMNP coupons right away or be put on a waitlist. Check with your State agency to see when and where you can obtain your vouchers. The majority of states, U.

Farmers Market Nutrition Program

Find a child care provider? Help a child in DCF custody? Learn about an adoption finalized in VT? Report child abuse? Child Development. Apply at special Farm to Family sessions in your area.

Get the schedule in the June WIC newsletter or by calling your local health office. Apply at your local Community Action Agency.

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Call in mid-June to find out where the coupons will be distributed. Some coupons will be reserved for eligible households that include someone aged 60 or older. When can I apply? Before participating in CVV, farmers are required to attend training sessions and provide their banking information to the state. Some of the steps farmers must take when accepting and redeeming CVVs include:.

If anything goes wrong when redeeming CVVs, farmers pay bounced check fees. Though some states indicate that they have no intention of enforcing these penalties, the existent of the penalties discourages some farmers from participating. CVV has enormous potential to generate long-lasting and consistent benefits for consumers and farmers.

WIC Farmers Market - Nevada WIC

Where FMNP helps bring new customers to farmers markets and educate them about the benefits of shopping at such markets, the CVV structure—benefits sent every monthly, rather than once a year—will help encourage those new customers to shop at farmers markets on a regular basis, assuring consistent access to fresh produce and education about nutrition and farmers markets. Given the small percentage of every dollar spent on fruits and vegetables at traditional retail outlets that goes to the produce growers, the return on investment of CVV on American farmers is presently minimal.

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