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There are, however, a few surprises. The micro-USB port is still located on the bottom of the tablet while the 3. The underutilized pogo pins of the original are now gone completely, which reduces the already low chance of ever seeing official keyboards and other similar accessories. Keyboards and mice are recognized instantly, but we were unable to explore the attached USB drive. As such, expandable storage continues to be absent. Wireless display WiDi and SlimPort via micro-USB are available to alleviate the absence of a dedicated video-out port for those with compatible external displays.

Most notably, this module supports WiDi for the aforementioned wireless display above. We ran into no random disconnects or other connectivity issues during our time with the new Nexus 7 tablet. The built-in GPS had no problems establishing a fix with available satellites. Accuracy is rough for the first few minutes at over feet according to the GPS Test app, but this steadily improves to below 20 feet when outdoors. We experienced no random drops or abnormal GPS behavior with the tablet. NFC tags and sharing are supported.

Placing the tag anywhere else and the tablet will not be able to identify or respond to it. Protection is provided by Asus for up to one year in the US. Beyond that, the manufacturer offers little else other than technical support through phone. As usual, users can add another layer of protection if purchasing the device from a brick and mortar location.

Unlike the first Nexus 7, the new Nexus includes a rear 5 MP camera. Pictures are serviceable in quality for outdoor use, though a noticeably blue overcast is present. Indoor shots fare a bit worse as pictures will appear blurry with lots of noise if lighting is below optimal. In such conditions, very still hands are required for a clear photo as no flash is present.

Google Nexus 7" Tablets

Likewise, recorded p video with the rear camera is smooth under well lit conditions. Fast movement with the tablet may cause the video to be out of focus briefly for more than a few seconds before automatic refocusing. The front-facing 1. It works for the occasional video conferencing if needed, but the picture is generally washed out with noticeable purple fringing and noise. Videos look absolutely gorgeous on the dense full HD display, especially if the source is native p. We loaded the tablet with different video files - all native p content - to check for compatibility and any playback issues.

The built-in video player will play. Consequently, recorded videos are saved as. Incompatible files can still play via third party video apps, though playback quality can be mixed as a result. YouTube videos run flawlessly as expected. Aside from the power button and volume rocker , all inputs are entered via the finger capacitive touchscreen.

The display had no issues whatsoever recognizing clicks, swipes, scrolls and zooms and was able to perform them flawlessly. Users with larger hands may find it easier to input commands while in landscape mode as opposed to portrait mode simply due to the the wider bezel length for the palms.

Revive your Google Nexus 7 2012 Grouper - Android 6 AOSP Custom ROM

Meanwhile, the eReader includes all the options that one would expect such as keyword searches, font size, line height, note inputs, bookmarks and even a read aloud feature. The chapter search in particular is quite useful. Though only a minor annoyance, pages will take more than a few seconds to load when scrolling quickly or jumping through chapters. The higher pixel density of the tablet also does little to improve the readability of English text, so those who intend to use the device mainly as an eReader can opt for the less expensive original model without missing any noteworthy features.

The virtual keyboard is the standard Android fare with Swype support automatically enabled. There are no additional layouts beyond the default, though there are different layouts for a number of other languages including Chinese and Korean.

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Note that there is no haptic feedback , which is similar to the original Nexus 7, so any and all key inputs will have auditory clicks instead. The three "Back", "Home" and "Tabs" buttons occupy a narrow row on the bottom or side of the display depending on the screen rotation, which is again similar to other Nexus devices. They are always visible and never completely hidden for easy multi-tasking no matter the current application.

ASUS Google Nexus 7 Price List October, 12222 & Specs in Philippines

This is in contrast to the Kindle Fire where the onscreen "Back" button can sometimes be unavailable. The new Nexus 7 is the first 7-inch tablet 7. Note, however, that the Back, Home, and Tabs buttons occupy a height of 96 pixels , so actual screen real estate will be x pixels. This nearly matches the popular Regardless, picture quality is already the best in its size class with no hints of artifacts, significant backlight bleeding or other abnormalities. Grayscale and color accuracy are both surprisingly good at no more than a deltaE deviation of 3 units and 5 units, respectively. This only becomes more accurate the more saturated the colors are according to our tests with the CalMAN software.

This is uncommon for most other tablets where the deltaE can be over 10 units for many colors under the same test conditions as seen in our reviews of the Galaxy Tab 3 8. The 2. For such a low-priced tablet, the screen simply outclasses its competitors in this regard. The display is very easy on the eyes in outdoor situations. At high or maximum brightness, texts and pictures are still clear as day without washed out colors or causing any eyestrain. In short, the super bright screen and light weight make the new Nexus one of the easiest tablets to use while on-the-go. Even so, extended use continues to be a bit of a challenge if under direct sunlight, even if this tablet happens to be one of the brightest 7-inch consumer tablets currently available.

As a result, working under shade is still the better option for extended periods and to save battery life if needed. Instead, we found ourselves fighting glare most of the time on the reflective display and the even more reflective bezel surrounding it. The IPS panel display provides very wide viewing angles no matter the screen orientation. This is especially important outdoors where glare can be more easily avoided when wider viewing angles are possible. On the new Nexus, note that apparent brightness tends to decrease if viewing more than 45 degrees off in any direction from the center normal.

In most situations, however, this will have negligible effects on usability. Google has switched partners from Nvidia on the original Nexus 7 to Samsung on the Nexus 10 and now to Qualcomm for the latest Nexus revision.

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The 1. The quad-core 28 nm Krait architecture is a step up from other processors based on the Cortex-A9 standard, though it is not quite as feature-heavy as chips based on the newer Cortex-A15 architecture like the Tegra 4 or Exynos 5 Dual in the Nexus Nonetheless, browser performance according to Peacekeeper, Browsermark and Sunspider is faster than many of the common and more expensive competitors.

New Nexus 7 (2016) price rumours: How much will the new Nexus 7 cost?

All tested games on the Android market are playable at smooth frame rates and without hitches. Graphics benchmarks such as NenaMark and Epic Citadel also run at close to 60 FPS, though the latter at its extreme p settings will drop to a still respectable The GPU outperforms the almost 2-year old Tegra 3 across the board in raw graphical power as expected.

Out of the 16 GB of storage, only As a side note, the tablet will periodically run fstrim if it is idling or otherwise not in use in order to reduce write degradation overtime due to buildup of unused drive blocks. The automatic command is a feature as of the Android 4.

Cheapest ASUS Google Nexus 7 Price in Philippines is ₱ 6,184.00

When idle , surface temperatures are essentially at ambient evenly across all quadrants. This is unlike a number of other tablets where hot spots can clearly be felt even with no running programs such as the Slate 7, Iconia W3 and Galaxy Tab 3 8. Under heavier loads or during gaming sessions, the left hand side of the new Nexus tablet the side with the two cameras will begin to warm rather quickly. The opposing right hand side heats up as well, but at a much slower rate and to a lower maximum. This eventually leads to one hand being warmer than the other during extended use if in landscape mode.

Note that the measured maximum of over 45 degrees C below was recorded after running Stability Test 2. It does, however, clearly show the general positioning of the processor and its ability to remain stable after long periods of maximum load. A temperature difference between the hands can still be felt during longer browsing and gaming sessions, but it is in no way bothersome.

The stereo speakers are located on the edges of the back of the device and face away from the user. Each of the two grilles cover one speaker, which is different from the original Nexus 7 where there was only one grille covering two speakers. The more even distribution of speakers on the new Nexus allows for more balanced audio with less muffling. Even so, sound quality feels tinny because of the lack of proper bass reproduction.

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This becomes more apparent at higher volumes when sounds become more narrow in range and the tablet begins vibrating. The positioning is also unfavorable if using the tablet in landscape mode since the palms will be right over the grilles, further muffling sounds. Quality is sufficient for the occasional music and video, but is simply not as good as the speakers on the original Kindle Fire.

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